2024.2.20 - Nora - How much fragrance is safe in a shower steamer?

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Aromatherapy shower steamers are tablets that dissolve in the shower.  In the process, they release a fragrance from essential oils.  A person may simply enjoy their aroma or use them for health reasons.


Aromatherapy is a type of complementary therapy that uses essential oils from plants and resins for their therapeutic effects.  Some essential oils appear to have an effect on the body, but not all of the claims about them have scientific backing.


Because essential oils naturally contain hundredsTrusted Source of chemicals, it is important to use them safely.  Not all essential oils are suitable for everyone, and some can cause adverse effects.  People should consult a doctor before trying them.


Read on to learn more about aromatherapy shower steamers, their potential benefits, and how to make them.


Although research suggests that essential oils may have some health benefits, it is important to remember that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not monitor or regulate the purity or quality of these.  A person should talk with a healthcare professional before using essential oils, and they should be sure to research the quality of a brand’s products.  A person should always do a patch test before trying a new essential oil.

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