2024.2.23 - Nora - 山羊奶香皂客户案例

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On January 10, we received an inquiry from a UK customer for our goat's milk soap:

1. He replied that he wanted a cheap price.

2. After the quotation to the customer, the customer has not replied, but I did not give up, continue to ask the customer, finally, in the continued 5th day to ask the customer, the customer has replied, the customer told the back of the fact that he was ready to place an order to another company, but the company's service he was not satisfied, so I do not give up, every day under the pursuit of the customer will be the first to give the sample order to us.

3. After discussing some details with the customer: the size of the sample, the approximate completion time, and then arrange the sample payment link to the customer, the customer arranged the payment, I will arrange the factory to do the sample.

4. After the sample is completed, I will arrange to send it to the customer, after the customer praised our service and completion of the efficiency, I will inform the customer: we provide OEM/ODM services for all customers, our factory is located in Guangdong Province, China, covers an area of 40,000 square meters, with more than 200 employees. It has 16 automated production lines with a daily production capacity of 20,000 sets. Established in 1995, Boya Beauty Group owns two companies, Boya Beauty and Prevail Beauty, which have been in the cosmetic research and production business for 28 years. The company mainly deals with bath products, daily necessities and beauty products under the brands of "BOYMAY" and "POLEVIEW".

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