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Today I will introduce one of my order customers.

He is a customer from the live broadcast room. From the first 1,000 soap trays, he has returned orders four times in just six months, and the quantity has been increasing. Once I sent some shower steamers, kojic acid soap, shampoo soap, bath salts, etc. to a customer for development. Fortunately, after the customer received the samples, he was very interested in the shower steamer, kojic acid soap, and shampoo soap. So he started planning his shower steamer order. He told me that he needed 10,000 barrels of customized paper tube shower steamers, and there were a total of 36 scents. The order quantity was very large and complex, but the customer chose 36 Every scent in a scent is mixed, and he'll also worry about whether the scent is what he expected. I offered to let the customer try prenatal samples of each scent first. The customer was very satisfied with our service, so he paid the deposit first. After placing the order, we were rushing to make pre-production samples, which was also interspersed with the Chinese New Year holiday, and there were a lot of orders during the New Year. Therefore, the speed of pre-production samples is slow, and customers are very understanding. Every time I have an update on the samples, I will take photos or send messages to inform customers. The customer also said that he needed some bath bombs for testing, so before the pre-production samples were almost completed, I also arranged for the factory to make some bath bombs. Finally, the prenatal samples and bath bombs also arrived at the same time. When packaging the samples, I took a lot of photos and sent them to the customer. The customer was very satisfied and sent some kojic acid soap, turmeric soap, and some paper tube packaging.

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