Do Jade Facial Rollers Work? What Are The Benefits?

1. Improve Blood Flow

A study published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine evaluated the short-term effects of using massage rollers on the face. It found that five minutes of facial massage could dilate the blood vessels, improving blood flow to the cheeks.

2. Reduce Puffiness

Massaging with jade rollers promotes lymphatic drainage by stimulating the facial lymph vessels, which helps reduce puffiness.

3. Tighten The Skin

According to a study, massaging the face can change the expression of certain structural proteins in the skin, stimulating the elastin fibers and promoting collagen development. Hence, regularly massaging the skin with a jade roller and anti-aging serums may have similar effects.

4. Uplift Your Mood

Facial massage can help relieve anxiety and uplift your mood. Researchers from the User Science Institute, Kyushu University found that 45 minutes of facial massage activated the sympathetic nervous system and reduced psychological distress. Massaging your face with a jade roller can have similar effects.

5. Improve Your Skin Care Routine

You can use a jade roller to apply serums, creams, lotions, and under-eye creams. It helps spread the products evenly without tugging the skin and allows you to control the direction of the application.


1. 促进血液流动

发表在《医学补充疗法》(Complementary Therapies in Medicine)上的一项研究评估了在面部使用按摩辊的短期效果。研究发现,5分钟的面部按摩可以扩张血管,改善流向脸颊的血液流动。

2. 减少浮肿




4. 提升情绪


5. 改善你的皮肤护理程序