1. A fragrant aromatherapy bath Spa-Like Relaxation; 

2. Bath salt ball has exfoliating, whitening, moisturizing, skincare, and many other benefits; 

3. Bath bombs have rich foam, easy to dissolve in water, and can deep cleanse your body; 

4. Add baking soda, there will be bubbles in the water, so it is called an explosion; 

5. Add natural essential oils to play therapeutic effects, aromatherapy combined with bubble massage is full of fun.


1. 香薰浴——水疗般的放松;

2. 浴盐球具有去角质、美白、保湿、护肤等诸多功效;


4. 加入小苏打,水中会有气泡,所以叫爆炸;

5. 加入天然精油发挥治疗效果,芳香疗法结合泡泡按摩,充满乐趣。